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Shangri-La Kaleidoscope Quilt Block Kit

Midnight Garden Kaleidoscope Quilt Block KitMidnight Garden Kaleidoscope Quilt Block Kit
Shangri-La Kaleidoscope Quilt Block Kit
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Kaleidoscope Quilt Block Shangri-LaBACK IN STOCK- Previously sold out. Inspired by the legendary utopia of Shangri-La, this quilt fabric collection captures the essence of a serene paradise. Just like its mythical namesake, Shangri-La evokes visions of lush, and exotic flora. With its harmonious blend of rich colors and intricate designs Shangri-La transports you to a realm of beauty and tranquility.
From Shangri-La by Painted Sky Studio for Benartex Fabrics, pattern 16110M-12 color black. Finished dimension for all blocks sewn together is 24 X 32 inches. Each block measures 8 1/2 inches square when sewn. Our Fast and Easy Blooming Blocks¬© are cut from 100 percent cotton fabric. Each block in the set will be uniquely different due to layering the fabric in exact repeats to create a kaleidoscope effect by precisely rotary cutting them.They are specially cut so that the centers will lie flatter and so there is no bias on the edges of the block so they lie flat in your quilt. You can put these blocks together in a quilt in different ways. Illustrated instructions included to complete the blocks that even a beginner can understand as well as bonus instructions for dimensions to include these blocks in a King, Queen, Double, Twin or Baby Crib, wall hanging quilt as well as a Table Runner or Placemats.


Suggested Kit amounts by size with the addition of sashes or borders etc.
  • Baby quilt 45X60 inches 1 kit
  • Twin 72X90 inches  2 kits
  • Double 81X96 inches 3 kits
  • Queen 90X108inches 4 kits
  • King 120X120inches 5 kits
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