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Pinwheels and Kaleidoscopes Quilt Pattern

Pinwheels and Kaleidoscopes Quilt PatternPinwheels and Kaleidoscopes Quilt Pattern
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Bluebell by Emery Walker Kaleidoscope Quilt Block KitKaleidoscope quilting has never been easier. 12 pre-cut 8 inch Kaleidoscope blocks are required for this double size quilt.
Double Size 74 by 85 inch kaleidoscope quilt pattern. Use any of our pre-cut kaleidoscope block kits.
Kaleidoscope Quilt Pattern Requires:
  • 12 pre-cut kaleidoscope quilt blocks

  • Background Fabric  1 1/2 Yards

  • Dark Contrast Fabric 3 1/4 Yards
  • Light Contrast Fabric 1/1/2 Yards
  • Accent Fabric               1/4 Yard
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