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Product Questions

What you Receive in a Kaleidoscope Kit

Kit Contents

You will receive the fabric cut into 12 sets of 8 identical pieces to create one kaleidoscope (12 kaleidoscopes in all),  as well as all the precut corner pieces. Each block sewn will measure 8.5 inches, finished dimension for all blocks sewn together is 24X 32 inches. The kaleidoscope is very random, each one unique, even though they are all cut from the same fabric.

Website Questions

Message: Sorry, but the Product you've requested wasn't found!

Limited Quantity

Our products are custom made and in most cases limited in quantity of approximately 8 - 10 items. When the item sells out the item is  automatically removed from the store listing. This is why it is poosible to be directed to a link that is nolonger valid.
It is also possible to have an item saved in your shopping cart that will not checkout.... (the store should not allow a product that is sold out to be sold again) Placing an item in your shopping cart does not "reserve" the item.
Why Am I Seeing a Security Warning?

If you are seeing this warning when you visit our site..... you no doubt have a question of why.

The answer is that our site is providing you a secure channel for the form but is also showing some content (graphics) that are not provided in the security envelop. This is not ideal but it is not "in this case" a significant security issue. However you may select yes or no without impacting our sites functionality.
Why can't I use Internet Explorer 6.0 ?

Avalonbloom is NOT Internet Explorer 6 compatibility.

Why Upgrade:

There are many reasons to upgrade your browser, but here are the most pertinent:

* Security improvements and fixes.

* Better rendering support for websites.

* Enhanced privacy options.

Alternatives to Internet Explorer 6

There are many alternatives you can choose from for upgrading your browser. The most popular browsers, are available for FREE and take less then 2 mins to install:

We STRONGLY suggest Firefox or Chrome as an alternative browser.

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