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Blooming Kaleidoscope Fans Bed Runner Pattern

Blooming Fans Kaleidoscope Quilt Bed Runner PatternBlooming Fans Kaleidoscope Quilt Bed Runner Pattern
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Blossom Basket  Kaleidoscope Quilt kitBed runners are a new and exciting concept in the world of home decor quilting! This ia a pettern for a 25 X 84 inch bed runner. As decorative as they are functional, bed runners have a wide range of uses. In the wintertime, they can give an additional bit of warmth for cold feet. In the summertime, when the weight and warmth of a quilt is perhaps too much, a bed runner placed over the sheets will keep feet and toes just warm. Put on the top of the bed over the pillows or on the back of the couch.They cover the pillows when the quilt doesn't. Also can be changed with the seasons, holidays etc. They are mainly used for decorative purposes, but  they also protect the foot of the bed and the small size makes them easier to wash than large bedpreads. Making a runner is a lot easier than making a full sized quilt! Great idea to brighten up a solid bedspread.
 If you love to quilt, want quilts decorating all the rooms of your house but don't have a lot of time this is the pattern for you.
Kaleidoscope Quilt Pattern Requires:
  • 12 Eight Inch Pre Cut Kaleidoscope Blocks

  • Background Fabric 1/2 Yards

  • Contrast Fabric and Binding 2 1/2 Yards 

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